Our goal is to serve the wonderful children of Pueblo and the surrounding area with the specialized care they demand at a young age.  While dental visits may have been a cause for anxiety in kids before, that’s not the case anymore!  We strive to provide an environment children can relax in, starting with video games and the latest streaming movies in our family-friendly waiting room.  Our smiling staff will caringly provide treatment in a playful manner that encourages kids to participate and excel at maintaining their dental health.


We aim to develop long-lasting relationships with with our patient families, from their first tooth to their high school graduation!  During that time, we help our little patients develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Often, parents even learn a thing or two about the latest in children’s dental care, as we encourage the whole family to brush together!

Our spirited and friendly Dr. Olga will see to your child’s every need and explain even the most complicated procedures in simple ways that both parent and child will feel comfortable with.  As the ONLY board-certified pediatric dentist in Pueblo County, she specializes in addressing the unique dental & behavioral needs of her young patients, unique to their specific age.  Although many doctors see children, specialists like her are best qualified to meet these needs.

We welcome your kiddos to their new dental home and hope to see you soon!









Dr. Olga Jasina

Our Awesome Pediatric Dentist!

Our Awesome Team!

Dr. Olga Jasina obtained her college degree in Psychology from The University of Texas at Dallas. After working a few years with children in foster care and special needs care she returned to school to become a dentist. She obtained her dental degree from Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, TX. Having always enjoyed children, she continued her education to become a pediatric dentist at The Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY. In her free time Dr. Olga enjoys hiking, travel and volunteer work with children both in the United States and abroad.

All of our assistants and staff love working with children. They have patience, attention and special skills that are needed to make your child's experience at our office enjoyable and less stressful!



"The staff  and  doctor were so wonderful with my kids. The atmosphere is great!  Will definitely be back with my little ones"

Angela Garcia

" The office is so pretty and child friendly. My son loved all the pictures of animals and especially the monkey room"

Nickolas Wayne

“We highly recommend this office. The location is great and they have hours  before and after school.”

Melissa Drayer



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